I’ll Take “Home Energy is making me smarter” for $1,600

Posted by Macie Melendez on February 03, 2012
I’ll Take “Home Energy is making me smarter” for $1,600

It was during a Double Jeopardy round a couple of weeks ago that I actually realized how much I’ve learned in my Assistant Editor role here at Home Energy. As one (actual) contestant asked for the $1,600 clue under the Architecture category, I waited at home, on my couch, to shout the answer.

Contestant: “I’ll take ‘Architecture’ for $1,600, please.”

Alex Trebek: “This type of window that opens by means of a crank rhymes with a lower story of a building.”

It wasn’t until after I had shouted, “Casement! What is casement!” that I even knew where the information came from. And then it hit me: Home Energy is making me a better Jeopardy! contestant.  

Better yet, the question was a triple stumper, meaning not one contestant even took a stab at answering it. Although this may not be a revolutionary piece of knowledge, it is satisfying to know that as I read through articles, press releases, industry blogs, and so on that not only am I retaining information, and making necessary edits, but that all of this is giving me the option of future TV game show success. (Which is about half as important as the success homeowners have with airflow and proper ventilation when they appropriately operate their casement windows.)

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