Home Energy's Canadian Correspondent

Posted by Shawna Henderson on October 15, 2014
Home Energy's Canadian Correspondent
On site, pointed solar south as usual.

Shawna Henderson, reporting from way out here on the edge of the world. Well, from Nova Scotia, Canada, just outside Halifax. For my ‘Murrican friends, once you hit Maine, keep going east. You’ll bump into us eventually.

I am honoured, and very chuffed, to be bringing the news on the Canadian home performance/high performance building industry to Home Energy readers. A quick history: I had a fire lit under me back in 1989, when I was employed as an art director, designing packaging for a building products wholesaler out of Vancouver, BC. A little epiphany later, I got into a Building Technology program and then bumped into the opportunity to write a book on passive solar homes for Solar Nova Scotia. I moved from one coast to the other and ended up going back to school in the middle of the continent, where got a bunch of technical tickets that put me on the path I’ve been following ever since. I was born to be a building science wonk. I love the CSI qualities involved in diagnosing problems in existing houses, the challenge of finding real-world solutions to minimizing energy use, and maximizing people’s enjoyment of the places they live in.

I have done a lot of writing related to the home construction and renovation industry, and I’m a Nosey Parker. I’ve been around the block enough to know lots of folks in the industry. I love finding out what’s going on, writing about it, and in some little or big way, making connections between the people who are pushing the envelope (pun totally intended).

So I’ll be submitting blog posts about everything and anything that I hear about from the Great White North. I’ll start out with what I did on my summer vacation (all 4 hours of it). Hint: it was to visit a cool concept cottage. Other posts-in-the-works include an update on the Net Zero Energy Coalition (and it’s Canadian roots), a bit about the work of the  Trilateral Task Force on Green Building Construction, what’s happening with BPI Canada, an overview of the newly-minted Net Zero Energy Housing Council of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, and some thoughts about cold climate heat pumps. There’s also a good number of Net Zero Energy Houses and Deep Energy Retrofit projects to report on. And some innovative products and incentive programs that I want to find out more about.

I’ll keep you posted, don’t worry!

Oh, and if you want to let me know about a Canadian project or product, or want to know more about a Canadian project or product, drop a line in the comments.

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