Tips to Help HVAC Contractors Bring in More Business

Posted by Dan McKee on June 09, 2016
Tips to Help HVAC Contractors Bring in More Business

When you’re working in a sector as competitive as HVAC sales and service, you need to think outside the box. As many HVAC contractors have realized, it’s often more essential to focus on capturing the local market than trying to reach out to every possible customer in a wider service area. This approach costs less and delivers more!

The following are some important tips to consider in order to promote HVAC business:

Focus on exclusive lead generation. 

Generating exclusive leads is an important part of honing in on possible business opportunities. When you contact customers who are likely to have an interest in your services, there’s much less frustration involved in cold calling them. Patience and practice are key and it is important to have a well thought out opening ready, which will generate interest in prospective customers.

Try not to rely on buying leads. 

Most marketing executives believe that purchasing leads helps to get an advantage, but that isn’t so. All that a purchased lead does is leave the executive with an uneasy start to a conversation where chances are that the prospective customer is not interested in hearing the sales pitch or has already made a purchase. It is more important to generate exclusive leads on your own.

Growing exclusive leads is the way to go.

Generating exclusive leads is considered growing leads, as it requires time and patience to harness them and hence there is a greater chance for them to be converted into sales. Prospects that have shown interest once are more likely to know about the product and purchase it when the time is right for them. The sales executive also is now in a position to open communication with veracity and confidence.

Enjoy cost-effective, quality lead generation. 

Building a strong customer base is essential in order to experiment with the various HVAC marketing ideas to help convert leads into sales. HVAC contractor marketing becomes much easier once you have managed to build a strong reputation in the market. This helps to save time and is cost-effective, as it’s likely that interested customers may decide to get in touch directly.

Build lifetime customer loyalty through retention.

Sending out simple greetings for birthdays and anniversaries goes a long way, as do emails and newsletters letting customers know of the latest developments. The idea is to stay in touch with customers in order to build lasting relationships. These minor things help a great deal to retain a customer base that will return to you for all their HVAC needs. Of course, this takes time, but that should not discourage you.

Make the most of business intelligence and data. 

Happy customers are more likely to help the brand grow, so keep them happy so they can be sure to go around and spread word about the good work you do. This helps expand your business by adding more prospects to the existing client base. Use various marketing strategies such as sending out quarterly surveys, asking for references, keeping in touch with those who move, responding promptly to queries, etc.

Target your local area and own it. 

Cold calling customers can be daunting, unless you know there’s a good possibility of success. Why not reach out to homeowners who live near existing happy customers? Contact them by mail at their doorstep to inform them of the various benefits they are in for if they plan to purchase a new HVAC system. Generate leads in this manner then do the necessary bit to convert them into sales and future happy customers.

Capitalize on your existing customer base by adopting marketing strategies that aim to reach similar audiences, like new homeowners in the area. It is not tough to generate a lead, the real work only begin when the prospective lead shows a little interest, and then how you manage to sell your brand decides if you have won yourself a new customer.


Dan McKee is the Digital Marketing Manager for Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning.

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