Need More Proof that On Demand Pumps are Cost Effective? Here It Is.

Posted by Dave Grieshop on August 30, 2016
Need More Proof that On Demand Pumps are Cost Effective? Here It Is.

My original post, “How On-Demand Pumps in New Residential Construction Can Pay for Themselves Via the New Home’s Mortgage”, generated a number of queries from readers.  

There are two documents available as a follow on to my original posting.  

If you want me to send you the documents, all you need to do is send me an email at and I will send them to you. I will just reply and attach the two documents; keeping it very simple.

The first document is actual data from 63 existing homes who’s owners measured the wasted water (cups) and wasted time (seconds) while the home owners waited for hot water—before installing an on-demand pump and then again after installation.  The results are rather dramatic. 

The second attachment presents the input and output results for a 2,000 square foot notional home when all inputs are default values used based on national values as of August 15, 2016.

As the output sheet indicates, the on-demand pump energy and water savings generate more than sufficient savings to finance the pump and installation in a new home whether for electric, natural gas, or propane water heaters.

Dave Grieshop, Sierra Vista, AZ

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