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Posted by Macie Schreibman on July 28, 2011

You know when you get a new outfit and you can’t stop staring at it? (Oh gosh, I hope that’s not just a “me thing”). Anyway, that’s how I feel about our new website. I just keep clicking all the links to see what’s going to happen next.

Officially launched on Wednesday (July 27), the new Home Energy website is here to stay – and it’s got quite a lot of new features you’re going to enjoy, and that will hopefully make your life (and job) a bit easier.

What you are looking at now is v2.0, which inevitably means that there will be a v2.1 and possibly a v2.2…well, you get the point. (Hey, Apple isn’t the only company that can keep upping the ante on their already incredible products.) We are proud of what we and Motum b2b (our web designer and developer) has accomplished and we invite you to take a look around. You’ll find new ways to search content, look at recent and past issues (20 years worth!), browse our blogs, and oh so much more.

So take a look at Home Energy’s new outfit and enjoy! If you have any feedback or comments on what v2.1 should look like, or have an idea on new features it should provide, email us at publisher(at)homeenergy(dot)org. We’ll be waiting...well, and staring at our new site.

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