Solar Panels Winning Power Battle Against Energy Efficiency Rivals

Posted by Luke Kyte on November 05, 2015
Solar Panels Winning Power Battle Against Energy Efficiency Rivals

Research from KES Lighting suggests over 11% of the British population are unaware of what energy efficient light bulbs are, whilst solar panels come out on top in the battle for home eco-friendliness.

Energy efficient lighting is one of the cheapest measures to invest in for the reduction of bills and to aid the environment, but it only polls in third position in the study from KES.

According to results, 29% of those surveyed suggested they would rather invest in the renewable energy of solar panels, despite government cutbacks over the last few years in the lucrative earnings achievable.

A replacement boiler edged out energy efficient lighting to second spot with 22%, whilst a fifth of respondents would opt for lighting as their preferred eco-friendly measure.

Other home improvements listed included double glazing (7%), loft insulation (6%), heat pumps (5%), and wall insulation (4%).

James Kelly, marketing manager at KES Lighting, said: “It’s clear in these results that the power of solar energy has been driven home. To achieve nearly 30% of the split, whilst being one of the most expensive options, just shows how well people value solar power.

“It’s disappointing to see energy efficient lighting further down the pecking order, especially as prices can start from just a few pounds and contribute to a significant saving.”

The Gender Divide

Some interesting results also emerged from KES Lighting’s research as the statistics were broken down by gender. This showed males had a greater interest in the renewable solar panels, whilst females instead favoured a replacement boiler.

Energy efficient lighting polled second among males too, with results rising to 23.5%, as opposed to the female equivalent of just 16.3%.

James Kelly at KES Lighting said: “It’s interesting to see a greater interest in energy efficient lighting amongst males, because before the results were announced I expected the opposite."

“However, as much research suggests, women have more influence when it comes to what’s purchased in the home—so to see replacement boilers at the top isn’t surprising. They’re both practical and necessary.”

Age Demographics

Those aged between 25 and 34 were perhaps more practically minded, with just over a quarter of respondents suggesting they would choose a replacement boiler. This likely reflects their financial stability and many won’t have been on the property ladder for a great length of time.

Then, in the 45-54 bracket there was overwhelming support for renewable energy. A huge 35% opted for solar energy as their efficiency measure of choice, whilst 15% selected heat pumps—their highest positioning in all demographics.


Luke Kyte is a journalist and copywriter. He is currently the content lead at Reddico, a digital marketing agency based in the UK.

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