ACI California Women in Home Performance Recap

Posted by Amy Beley on November 17, 2015
ACI California Women in Home Performance Recap
Amy Beley speaking at ACI California. (Photo courtesy of the Home Performance Coalition)

ACI California brought lots of good insights and opportunities for the home performance industry at large. The biggest buzz is the pay-for-performance concept, which is making progress in California, New Jersey, and New York. It was also great to see so many contractors presenting, sharing their wares and experiences with their peers. That’s really what ACI is about—sharing, collaborating, and re-energizing those in the trenches.

For me, a major highlight was the Women in Home Performance Breakfast. Having men and women show up at 7:30am on the last day of the conference meant that they REALLY wanted to be there. And I’ll take it one step further and say that I see Women in Home Performance has the potential to help further some key industry objectives. The breakfast discussion was a “getting-to-know-you” variety, with men and women sharing their professional stories, and why they chose to rise with the sun to join us for breakfast.

The answers and passion are what inspire me. Hearing the craving of young/newer women in the industry to connect with women and understand the career opportunities, and the seasoned leaders who love being in crawl spaces and trying to find ways to make the business work, highlight for me that there are some incredibly smart women looking for a network to support them, and to support the growth of the industry. I particularly appreciated the attendance of Home Performance Coalition (HPC)’s President and CEO Brian Castelli. I’m so glad to see HPC's commitment to this initiative. This initiative is important regardless of your gender. More women in this field means more diverse thinking and more smart people tackling the barriers to scale. It also means more people to figure out how to reach the target customer for home improvement: women.

To the women and men who attended, thank you. Spread the word. To those of you who supported this initiative from your cozy hotel rooms, thank you too. I hope I’ll see you next time. Stay tuned for more with Women in Home Performance! 

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