Be "Smart on Smart" - A Smart Home Workshop for Contractors at HPC19

Posted by Home Performance Coalition on February 27, 2019

Sponsored by Google (Nest) and ecobee, join this unique contractor training workshop and make home performance, smart performance.

Join experts from around the country in the first “Smart on Smart” workshop to train and update home performance contractors about the many energy efficiencybenefits to the smart home.  The afternoon before the start of the 2019 National Home Performance Conference in Chicago, contractors and industry experts will convene to discuss the current and future business models for advancing home energy management devices – including a Q&A with manufacturers.

While the conference will provide a deep dive into key elements called out in the workshop, the workshop curriculum focuses on addressing contractor needs for expanding their knowledge and expertise in smart home technology.

Building on HPC’s report, Redefining Home Performance in the 21st Century, Kara Saul-Rinaldi will share the current state of play for advancing the smart home and what policies are appearing around the country to capitalize on the data and grid management opportunities from smart building products.  Joined by her partner in the Home Energy Management Working Group, Claire Miziolek of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership, Kara and Claire will moderate and provide the certifications. 

Dr. Beth Karlin (See Change Institute) and Dr. Lieko Earl (NREL) will offer their insights in consumer behavior and expertise in upcoming technologies, while Emily Kemper of Clear Result will share details on the smorgasbord of different technologies in the marketplace to provide a roadmap to the maze of products.  Attendees will learn from the presenters how to market to homeowners, why these products are important, what they may see in the future, and how to take advantage of what is in the market today. 

Perhaps of most interest is an opportunity for contractors to bring their problems, questions, concerns, and appreciation directly to the leading smart thermostat providers – Google (NEST) and ecobee.  

Contractor insights in this interactive workshop will make the products, programs, and policies around the country better!

Modest Fee Provides Lunch, Knowledge, Manufacturer Answers to Burning Questions, Certificate, Exclusive Button, Certification of Attendance, Tips, Business Edge, and Free Drinks. Don’t miss this popular workshop!

Learn more and register today!


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