Our Blog Has Moved

Posted by Building Performance Journal Editors on January 31, 2020
Our Blog Has Moved

Thanks for your interest in contributing a blog to the Building Performance Journal (formerly Home Energy magazine). We’re happy you’ve found us here, but we’ve moved! You can view our magazine on the Building Performance Association website and you can blog with us over on the Home Energy Pros Forum. While we no longer accept blogs on this website, the Home Energy Pros Forum has a space where our guest bloggers hang out. Simply log into, and click over to "Submit Blog" under the Blog tab at the far right of the Menu Bar.

If you're not already a member of Home Energy Pros, click the link to sign up in the “Welcome” box, or use your social media account by choosing one of the four icons.

Please submit photos, graphics, or illustrations, if you have them, as these always enhance the story. Please make sure you have the permission to use them, and cite your sources, if they are not your own.

If you're looking to submit an article, please feel free to email us at

While you're here on our site, you may wish to have a look around at our content; you can get a feel for our readers that way. We have a special audience of building scientists, tradespeople, auditors, builders, and some savvy homeowners. And we welcome your contribution!

Enjoy the magazine, and happy posting!

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