EPA Introduces WaterSense Labelling Program

Posted by Home Energy on December 17, 2006

America's water supplies are precious but not unlimited. Every drop counts. Water is the lifeblood for families, communities, and ecosystems. Using it efficiently is everybody's business. Increasingly, water and wastewater utilities, industry, and agriculture are relying on water efficiency as a low-risk and low-cost option to help meet growing demands.

Faced with rising demands for water and an increased need for wastewater treatment, it's just common sense to use the water that we have as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, new technologies are available to help. But how can people identify water-efficient products, services, and techniques?

There are two good sources for this kind of information – the EPA web site and Home Energy's upcoming special water issue. Look for the special issue, which should be out next spring.

In the meantime, visit the EPA web site to learn about the WaterSense label – a new, voluntary partnership program recently launched by the EPA. This labeling program will fill a much-needed gap by linking water-efficient products and services directly to the nation's consumers. Products and services meeting EPA's efficiency criteria will save water without compromising performance. Independent testing will insure that products carrying the WaterSense label are not only water efficient, but that they perform as intended.

Beginning in early 2007, look for and purchase products and services having the WaterSense label.  

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